Bio & Resume

Oh, it’s you! Aren’t I lucky. I’m glad you kept scrolling. Here’s the deal, ideas (great ones) require a lot of time and effort. You might not find one here on my bio page. They’re only for the selected few who send me a note to get my porfolio.

But for now, let’s back up. My name is Paul Merisalu and I’m a copywriter. And I’m working my ass off to become a killer creative strategist. Cannes level, no less.

I have gathered a big chunk of work experience for my relatively young age of 29. Wait. Shit. I’m thirty one now. Never mind. Let’s keep going. So, I’m not exactly what you’d call green. I’ve been around the globe a few times as well working in the US, Finland and Estonia.

Work experience

Creative at Bob the Robot

  • My current job. I work with major Finnish brands and I’m loving every minute of it. I learn something new every single day. Dream job, anyone?

Freelance creative and web designer

  • I got addicted to the web as a kid when I first learned HTML. Now, I offer broader solutions to my clients—I help them plan the content strategy also outside the web and then create a website to match that. I don’t do this a lot anymore unless the project is really, really, really interesting.
  • I also create concepts, write copy and plan the execution of ads and other content for my clients. Want to see? Send me a quick note and I’ll send you my book.

Key account manager at Logia Software Oy

  • I managed the account of the company’s biggest customer. Using KPIs provided by the customer I developed ways to improve the quality of our service. I was insanely effective at this. Too bad for me the results are classified. Would a reference work for you?
  • I also managed the ICT part of a project in which the goal was to implement a new warehouse management system for more than 40 warehouses consisting of a few hundred international clients. This was heavy lifting. Don’t worry, I didn’t break anything.

Development manager at Itella Logistics Estonia LLC

  • I worked with clients to improve their logistics and business processes to work better with a 3rd party logistics partner. I also developed more efficient business processes with the help of technology, and lead the IT department.
  • Wait, what? I made it faster (and cheaper) for you to get the stuff that you buy online. Stuff like lubricants, smart phones, tractors and highly flammable industrial chemicals—whatever floats your boat.

Co-founder of Kodinkoneiden Verkkokauppa OÜ

  • It started as an experiment to learn more about eCommerce and how to drive conversions. I co-founded an online retail company specializing in kitchen appliances. The company sold products to Finland. We closed it in 2014. I guess we sucked at it or something.


Bachelor’s degree in Advertising (ongoing)

  • 4-year Bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing, specialization in strategy and copywriting, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland, expected to graduate in 2017.

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration

  • 3.5-year Bachelor of Business Administration, specialization in International Business, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland, graduated in 2010.

Leadership program

  • 6-month leadership program, Dictum Development Company, Estonia, graduated in 2010.